Can Reproductive Health Of Men Be Improved Through Yoga?

Practice yoga

Practice yoga

Yoga is an art which was practiced by Indian sages many centuries ago. Yoga has a lot of health benefits. Many people are aware that yoga helps in weight loss and can improve the mental health and physical health. Not many are aware that it plays an important role in improving reproductive health of men. Decrease in the libido, decrease in the sperm count, erectile and dysfunction and many more reproductive problems have become common in men because of wrong lifestyle habits. It is better to go for natural ways to improve reproductive health. One of the safest and effective ways is yoga.

Tips For Yoga Exercises For Men To Improve Reproductive Health

The number of yoga postures is surely infinite. Each and every yoga posture has several health benefits. all yoga postures help in reducing stress, increasing flexibility, improving stamina and boosting immunity. All of them are needed for better reproductive health in men. It has been proved that practicing yoga regularly can surely help men to lead a better sexual life. Although, all postures are beneficial, some of the postures are very effective in improving the reproductive health of men.

What are the yoga postures that help in treating erectile dysfunction in men?

  • Cobra pose

Yoga is not only for women

Yoga is not only for women

This posture is called bhujangasana. How is it done? Lie flat on your stomach. Rest your palms below your shoulders but above your hips. Lift the upper part of your body. Inhale and hold your breath for 30 seconds. Relax and repeat the same five times. It helps in stretching all the sexual organs and in increasing the blood circulation to the reproductive organs. It is supposed to heal the sex chakra in your body.

  • Shoulder stand

This is called sarvangasana. Lie on your back. Place your palms below your hips and lift your legs to ninety degrees. This increases the functioning of thyroid glands and improves the energy levels and vitality.

  • Bow posture

This is called dhanurasana. Lie on your abdomen. Lift your legs with your arms and lift the upper part of your body above your waist off the ground. Inhale. Hold your breath as much as possible and relax. Repeat 3-5 times. This posture increases the blood supply to the penis.

What are the yoga postures to increase the sperm count?

  • Plough pose

This posture is called halasana. Lie on your back. Lift your knees to your chest. Then stretch the legs to 901 degrees. Now stretch your legs beyond your head until they touch the ground. Inhale and exhale slowly. The exhalation should be a little longer than inhalation.

  • Bridge pose

This is called sethu bandhasana. Lie on your back. Bend your knees. Make sure that your heels touch each other. Hold your ankles with your palms and lift your back above the ground. Your head and feet alone rest on the ground. Take long and slow breaths. Count up to 30 and relax.

  • Aswini mudra

Sit down or lie down in a comfortable posture. Contract your anus and lower abdominal muscles. Hold for a few seconds and relax. This can be repeated several times. You can do it even when you are working.

What are the precautions to be followed?

Improve your body and mind

Improve your body and mind

Practice yoga in empty stomach. Lie down on a mat and not on floor or bed. Don’t over strain yourselves. Learn the postures from a trained instructor. Wrong postures can cause injuries. Focus your mind on your body and breathing.

Yoga is a wonderful tool for improving reproductive health in men. Make sure you do it correctly and regularly.

Building Assets Is The Way To Build Wealth

Building assets

Building assets

How to differentiate between an asset and a liability? Most would say that asset is something of value that can be seen and felt. However, what you may be thinking is an asset may actually be a liability.

An asset is an object of value that provides you with a stream of revenue during its existence.

A liability is an object of value that has an expense or cost associated with it. When you decide to build your balance sheet in life, you need to be very clear with this definition as there might be certain confusions that you may encounter. The same item may be an asset in one condition and become a liability in another.

Your understanding can help you build more assets and hence help you build up more wealth. Here are a few points that would help you understand significance of understanding the difference in assets and liabilities in building wealth:

1. When you buy a house, is it an asset or liability?

Buying a house or a car

Buying a house or a car

Buying a house is a high point in the life of most people and most people treat their house as the biggest asset that they own. This only reflects on the lack of financial education of 90 percent of the world’s population that keeps them away from getting wealthy. You only need to ask yourself one question while deciding whether your house is an asset or not. If it helps you earn an income, it is an asset and if it only makes you incur an expense it is a liability.

Most people live in their own houses and pay mortgages to buy a house. Hence, it is clearly not an asset in this case, but a liability.

What is sad is that most people spend most of their savings in their house in which they live and think they have purchased an asset.

People who get rich invest only a part of their savings in the house they live in which is actually a liability. They spend more on buying other houses or properties from where they can enjoy rental income. In that case, house is an asset.

2. When you buy a car, is it an asset or liability?

The same goes for a car. If you are using a car for your personal use it is unlikely you will be earning anything from it. You only spend on its upkeep and mortgage. Hence, it is a liability for most people. Most middle class people like to buy first hand cars to flaunt their style. The wealthy people understand that the car is a liability and generally pick up the pre owned versions of the cars to minimize their cost.

3. How to build assets

Saving money

Saving money

If you wish to be rich it is important to build more and more assets and minimize your spend on liabilities. So make a clear distinction on what you are planning to purchase by calculating the net inflow and outflow from that purchase. If you are earning from that purchase you are building an asset, and if you are in a loss, you are buying a liability.

It is clear that you need to work towards building assets in your life if you want to generate wealth for yourself. Building assets may take some time, but these assets once build can feed you and your family for many generations to come!

Network Marketing Industry- What You Do Not Know

everything start with a brilliant idea

Everything good starts with a brilliant idea

Network marketing is a concept where the satisfied consumers of the company become the brand ambassadors of the company promoting their products and services to the potential customers in exchange of a cut in profit that is typically called commissions. Network marketing is also commonly known as multi-level-marketing, referral marketing or relationship marketing.

How does the model work?

In this model, the company does not hire sales force but rather asks the satisfied consumers to become distributors and promote the product and services of the company. Last few decades have seen rise of hundreds of network marketing companies across the world and even existing and established companies are known to use this model to sell the product. Moreover, it has also been a highly controversial industry. Let us look more closely at this business model.

Highly controversial industry

The network marketing industry is very profitable

The network marketing industry is very profitable

Network marketing model has always been under the scanner by many authorities around the globe because of lawsuits and criticism by marketing professionals. Some critics believe that it is a pyramiding scheme where people are asked to become members by paying up an entrance fee and then enroll other members. However, pyramiding scheme is a scheme that involves no sale of any product or service in exchange of money. Those in favor say that this is because of the pyramid like structure that most network marketing companies have, which they say is a hierarchical structure of almost any organization. Moreover, in some countries there is no legislation passed relating specifically to the industry that allows fly-by-night operators to come and dupe consumers by launching fraudulent schemes. United States was the first to regularize the industry in 1978. However, this has not been followed elsewhere creating disparity across borders. Some countries have even banned the model. However, it is a $167 billion dollar industry amongst all these controversies.

Advantages of network marketing model

The advantages of network marketing model are multi-fold. Firstly, it removes the middlemen from the process of selling allowing the company to sell the product at a more competitive rate. Secondly, it allows happy consumers to promote the products they like and earn money. Lastly, it keeps the end consumer happy as they are getting to know about the product from a trusted source and not from expensive television ads. Statistics have revealed that network-marketing companies only continue to rise even in times of recession. Many big businessmen are investing millions and billions into these models. The investor guru Warren Buffet has invested in three network-marketing companies and he said, “It is the best investment I have ever made”. Bill Gates said that “If I have to rebuild Microsoft, I will base it on network marketing” Even ex United States president released a press statement when he was the president in favor of the industry.

Network marketing in action

Network marketing in action

Therefore, network marketing can be a good model provided the company is trust worthy and has a legitimate business model. There are many companies to choose from in network marketing. Some of them have made their mark while others have vanished after a few years.